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Lahsen - The tour operator in Morocco



Over a decade ago I met Lahsen in Morocco on my first trip to the country. Lahsen is of Berber descent and has lived in Morocco his entire life, making a career of sharing his respect for Morocco’s beauty. Lahsen has a passion for sharing his indepth knowledge of the country, the culture and its people. He speaks English fluently as well as French and Arabic. He was my personal guide years ago and he showed me things that I can never forget. I thank him everyday for the experiences he enabled me to have. After spending a week learning and touring with him, I knew I had made a friend for life. He opened my eyes to a life so different from anything I had ever seen. When I decided to start a boutique travel company, he was the first person I thought of. After reconnecting I learned he had started his own tour company and owned his own Bedouin style luxury camp in the dessert. We worked together to build a tour that showcases Morocco’s history, its culture and its landscape. We made sure to highlight small businesses and the entrepreneurs that run them. All of the companies and individuals who are used in our tour are local Moroccan people who are compensated fairly for their time.

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