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This Is Our Story

Asian tourists checking a map at a airport

Safe Travels For All is a boutique travel company that offers adventure travel and group trips. We can also build customized travel itineraries. We can take care of all the details or just help you with some parts of your trip planning. We specialize in making sure you feel comfortable, whether that is helping to understand visa requirements, COVID protocols or aspects of your in-country experience. We can help you Know Before You GO.

Our Services

Itinerary Planning

Need a little help planning your upcoming vacation? We offer a flat fee to help you optimize your plan. Whether you need help booking flights, or adding adventures to your itinerary. We can help you. $150/ 3 hours of planning services

Adventure/Group Travel

We specialize in group and adventure travel. We selected our favorite travels and only work with trusted tour operators that gave us life changing experiences. These trips are already planned but can be customized to fit your group needs. All of these trips are perfect for all people of all ages and abilities, family travel, solo travel and/or women only travel.

Paula Park


Travel has always been a part of my life. Sharing experiences and learning about new places and the people that live there is personal passion. After decades of traveling to visit family, for adventure, as part of my worklife, I decided I had to share my love of exploring with others. I went back to the tour operators that had helped me see the world to get their help building a travel company that could show anyone these incredible places.

I had noticed many people do not travel internationally because they are intimidated to go to an unfamiliar place. They would love to go “off the beaten path” but just didn’t know anyone they trusted. Many people told me if they knew it was safe, they would travel. I decided to build a boutique travel agency that could highlight authentic adventures that I have taken with trusted individuals. I could then remove the uncertainty and make sure that people could book trips with the peace of mind that they knew what they were getting and who would be helping them.

I also wanted to build a business that was inclusive for all and could provide a safe adventure for anyone interested in travel. I specialize in planning adventures for people of all ages and physical abilities. The business name Safe Travels For All is my motto, if there is something keeping you from traveling, I want to help remove that barrier. Whether you are looking for some help with your family vacation itinerary, or want to book one our adventure tours or would like help building a completely unique trip- I can help.

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