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Abdul - Tour operator in Tanzania

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Abdul has lived in Tanzania his whole life and was drawn to tourism through his love of his country, its culture and a desire to help people. Abdul and his company are committed to supporting their local villages and the people who live there. He feels strongly about only employing local guides, drivers, cooks and porters. All of his naturalists and guides have spent lifetimes traversing the bush and national parks of Tanzania. His team has spent years studying the flora, fauna and wildlife in schools and regularly undergo training. They know by instinct what you want to see. 

I met Abdul in February of 2020 when his company took me and 16 other people up Kilimanjaro right before the beginning of the pandemic. From the moment I met him and his team I knew I could trust them in helping me and my group reach the top of Kilimanjaro. Abdul and his team are seasoned climbers, having summited countless times in the past. His professionalism and understanding of Tanzania is wide ranging.  We all felt confident to climb and we understood what the expedition would entail. 


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